Or at least start speaking out, and rallying against the terrorists, instead of doing nothing but whining about "Islamophobia".

A good friend of mine, a Muslim girl from Malaysia has torn apart ISIS on several occasions. Why can't CAIR, and other "moderate" Muslims do the same? Why is it always a cry about "Not all Muslims are bad." And never a cry for Islamic nations to end terrorist groups, and stop Sharia Law?

"Islam is a religion of peace." Not according to the writings of Mohammed.

"Well Christians had the Crusades." Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, as defensive wars in response to the conquest of Islamic armies. Were they perfect? By no means.

But the Jihadists could quote Mohammed to justify their brutalities, the Crusaders could not do the same with the words of Christ.

"Well, well, the Bible is violent too!" The Bible teaches that there is a time for peace and a time for war. We can talk about the laws of the land of Israel that God gave to his people, and how they might be misunderstood today (i.e. "slavery" did not mean the same thing, and we can't impose the evils of the United States onto ancient Israel. It would be a fallacy of anachronism.)

But what we cannot do is legitimately equate the Koran's injunction to subjugate or kill all nonbelievers in every corner of the Globe with anything in the Old or New Testaments. Jesus Himself said that he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.

Early Christian martyrs willingly allowed the Romans to nail them to the cross. Islamic "martyrs" throughout history died while trying to kill others.