Black Lives Matter goes around demonizing police, and groups like Intervarsity Christian Fellowship decide to endorse the racist, anti-police bigotry of BLM. I will never forget the Intervarsity speakers (such as Michelle Higgins at Urbana) who get up on stage and demonize police, while making martyres out of criminals like Michael Brown, who died trying to murder a police officer.

I will never forget the Intervarsity staff worker who personally called me a racist for refusing to support the demonization of police, saying that I don't care about black people, and that I am too lazy to go into the city to help the poor. (A man who knows nothing about me except the color of my skin, and the fact that I was in a multiethnic relationship with a beautiful mostly Asian woman).

It amazes me that Intervarsity continues to spread lies about police that even the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION has rejected as false.