See, this is why we can't have nice things. Whenever I hear outspoken Atheists talk, even well-known Atheists who are scientists, it's always almost nothing but nonsense that dribbles out of their mouths.

"Religion is bad - hahaha." Nevermind that Christianity gave us modern science, or the fact that Atheist and Darwin-Inspired ideologies have killed more people than anyone.

The reason people in the Middle Ages didn't have as much as us, is because they laid the scientific foundation for everything that we have today.

I used to think most Atheists were smart when I was a kid, but now famous Atheists all seem like they are in a competition to see who can sound the most like a raving lunatic.

Atheists... seriously, I recommend taking your heads out of your little holes you've dug in the ground and reading some actual science, and some actual history, instead of some idiot on the Internet who thinks Jesus was copied from Horus.