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Will Warp Drive Save Humanity?

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, In : Critical Thinking 
I had an interesting dream the other night (and I seem to have been having a lot of those lately). I think this dream was inspired by me thinking about the movie The Sixth Sense, as well as some other media.

In the dream there was a man who could see the dead, and see into other dimensions. He even had the ability to communicate with people in other dimensions. (Fair warning, dream logic.)

In talking with someone from a parallel timeline he found that people in their world had developed warp te...
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Scripture Out of Context

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Wednesday, November 2, 2016, In : Critical Thinking 
"Yield now and be at peace with Him;
Thereby good will come to you." Job 22:21

I just saw the 700 Club use this verse to encourage it's viewers. Of all the books in the Bible, Job is the one book that we have to be the most careful of with regards to the context.

In the context of this verse, we are seeing a speech from one of Job's foolish friends, and the concept taught here was later rebuked by God Himself.

Job's foolish, but well-meaning friend, was telling Job that he was obviously in sin. A...
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