One of my best friends, Noah, sends me a devotional that he writes everyday via Email called "Encouragement". It usually contains a short Bible passage and a small word of encouragement.

Tonight I want to flip that notion on it's head, but still in a positive, and encouraging way.

I recently had an issue with a few fruit flies in my bedroom. Not an infestation, just a couple of the annoying creatures that hit my face here and there while I am trying to sleep.

One solution I found was to mix apple cider vinegar with a little bit of dish soap, and leave it out for the flies. The flies are attracted to the vinegar, but the soap kills them. (The soap causes them to be unable to fly away from the vinegar - because chemistry.)

It seems to be a good metaphor for what the Devil does with us. He will mix together something good, like sex or money, or even brotherly love, with something evil, and combine the two as if they were the same thing.

Sometimes he will even combine two good things, soap and vinegar can both be good - and the combo might turn out to be a good cleaning solution, but to use this bizarre mixture as food is deadly, or at least harmful.