I recently read an article by world-class economist, Thomas Sowell. In the article Sowell explains that politicians, teachers unions, and others often oppose the rights of black parents to choose which schools to send their children to. 

My two-cents on some of this: I've been advocate for school choice ever since originally hearing Thomas Sowell on this issue. Basically public schools are failing black students, but when black parents are allowed to user a voucher program or something similar to send their kids to private schools or to charter schools, the kids see high levels of success!

The irony is that black voters still tend to vote Democrat, the same party that has always sent black kids to poor, underfunded, and even segregated schools, and continues to do so today.

Politicians use tax payer's dollars to send their kids to private schools, but don't want black families to be able to do the same thing with the tax dollars they worked so hard to earn.