James 1:8 and James 4:8 seem to have described me recently. I cannot be running around doubting, and being double minded, thrown around by my circumstances. I do not want or plant to do this anymore. (and yes, I said plant, instead of plan, because by planting the potential for doubt, and having a "backup plan" for God to not come through is double minded and will grow into problems in my life - giant weeds.) To plant and to plan for doubt equal the same thing. It just creates problems in my life. God promised this, but what if God doesn't come through? - well what if the big blue sky falls and your body is full of glass - it is nonsense, just as God cannot lie or fail to come through on His promise, the sky cannot fall, because it is not in the sky's nature (it is not made out of glass or anything solid to fall in the first place). The idea that God will not come through on His promise is more foolish than the idea that the sky will fall.

Does this make any sense?