A very needed article for men to read! This is an issue that I personally deal with a lot, and plan to talk about in my videos more often in the near future. But I wanted to share this with my fans who follow my blog. This article was defnitely written for men. Ladies have for the past few generations looked at the insecurity of men with a mix of humor, and confusion about what the problem is, not to mention an eye roll. Christian men for generations have had no problem with male-male nudity, but now with the pushing of homosexuality on the culture, and the pressure for men to look "sexy", a lot of problems have been created. The Devil offered us freedom with the sexual revolution, but this "freedom" took away our intimacy, and the ability to enjoy a state of vulnerable male comaraderie that men have always been able to enjoy. It is only since the 1970's that men became afraid of communal showers and saunas. I've asked the question in a previous video, but I will ask it again: What have we lost?