Kids need a Mom and a Dad. Marriage has been under attack from so many fronts in our country. It started with an attack on the Bible, God's Word. Then we had "free love" men and women having sex with people who are not their spouse. Children being born out of the stability of wedlock - or worse, being killed in the womb. And we now have men "marrying" men and women "marrying" women, and men and women who are confused about what gender they are.

Sex is meant to be between a man and his wife only. Marriage is meant to be a powerful, beautiful and wonderful thing!

Men are men, and women are women. If I choose to be friends with another man, we are just that. This Liberal obsession with hommosexuality has polluted so much in our society. They can't even watch Lord of The Rings without wondering if Sam and Frodo are gay.

We, as a society, thought that God's Word was too restrictive, and bought into the lie that God was trying to spoil our fun, or the lie that God's Word is not true and that we are all just a bunch of apes who created morally reprehensible prudish superstitions.

Yet what happens when we seek God's Word, and God's Law? Men are free to be men, and women are free to be women! Marriage is held in honor by all, and the marriage bed is kept pure.

We need God and His Word. This rebellion of ouurs in Western Civilization has got to stop if anything is to survive!