Other dude: We should support Black Lives Matter

Me: While I agree that we should reach out and try to help Christian leaders in the African American community, I don't think we should support the organization calling itself BlackLivesMatter, because of their repeated calls to violence, and their repeated unwillingness to look at the facts before crying "racism".

Other dude: So... you don't think that Black Lives Matter

Me: That's not what I said, what I said was that we can't on one hand be saying "Black Lives Matter" while on the other hand, perverting justice and calling for the murder of police.

Other dude: You're just lazy, and you don't want to help the black community. You just want to hang out in white suburbia and be lazy.

Me: That's not what's going on. My dad is a retired military police officer, so I take it personally when people chant "What do we want? Dead cops!" or "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon." But my main concern is for the black community. Police risk their lives everyday defending the black community, if anyone cares about the black community, it's them. The end result of this will be the destruction of the relationship between black communities and the police, and more black people will be murdered by criminals in their own communities as a result. There are communities already where the murder rate has already increased by 90% because police have been forced to withdraw from those communities.

Other dude: You're a racist!