I was debating someone I know on FaceBook about the merits of Capitalism, and I wanted to share here a bit of what I wrote. [Person's name removed] the things you generally say are so nonsensical that I think it's going to be impossible to argue with you. But thanks to capitalism, automobiles are common. Henry Ford created the automobile assembly line and improved the lives of billions.

I can say the same for countless medical advances, and economic innovations.

Leftists are often mocked for complaining about Capitalism while typing from their iPhone at a Starbucks cafe.

A lot of people are typing on laptops that cost them a few hundred dollars, because Capitalism created an environment of competitive pressure over the past several decades.

Because of supply and demand, technology is getting better and better and better.

Yes, at times we still need public funding. NASA has done a lot for space science, but now we are starting to even see the privatization of space, which will ultimately cost the taxpayers nothing, and will greatly benefit everyone.

Google, Facebook, and YouTube, are all the result of Capitalism.

Even Khan Academy is an innovation that is paid for by Capitalists giving money to their organization.

I went to RIT, a private school that is now able to produce prosthetic arms which used to cost $3,000 for $50.

Or how about Akon, who is providing solar power to hundreds of millions of Africans because of Capitalism.

Capitalism has possibly been second only to Christianity in doing good for the history of the World.