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A meme indicting Black Lives Matter, and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A meme indicting Black Lives Matter, and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

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A meme indicting Black Lives Matter, and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

He puts on his badge and vest everyday and kisses his wife and two small daughters, knowing that he might not come home.

When bullets fly in the inner cities, he runs towards the gunfire, willing to lay down his life for the children of a stranger.

When he sees that Mrs. Brown, the oldest woman in the community is hungry, he brings her food, sacrificing from his own paycheck to serve.

When thugs attack small children, he protects them. When our streets are flooded with drugs, and violence threatens to steal our young men, he protects us with his own body.

When black children wander the streets at night, he brings them home.

He lays down his life to defend the black community.

Yet when he dies at the hand of a criminal who just robbed a convenience store, there will be no marches, no calls for the end of violence against men and women like him.

Organizations like BlackLivesMatter and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship will label him as a racist, and invite speakers in, who never knew him to tell our communities that he and his fellow men and women in uniform are out to hurt black people.

This is a great evil. Police officers will be the first to tell you that they know they are not perfect, but to whitewash all police officers, the people who serve our communities regardless of color, as nothing more than racist thugs is an evil in the sight of God in the highest degree!

Are there some corrupt men and women in uniform? Yes, but the vast majority of police officers are good cops. I stand with them to honor them, and thank them for serving and keeping our communities safe.

“You shall not spread a false report. You shall not join hands with a wicked man to be a malicious witness.” - Exodus 23:1

It’s time to join hands in righteousness, to build bridges between officers and our communities of color, and tell groups who demonize the police “Enough!”