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Ancient Aliens

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Monday, March 26, 2012 Under: Paranormal

Someone wrote this review about the series "Ancient Aliens" on Netflix. I found it to be a really good review, as I am checking this series out for a secular perspective to put on the Paranormal section. I thought that this person did an awesome job reviewing, so I wanted to put this up here... Just don't do the game he recommends, cuz you'll die.
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This is my first review. This show is amazing in that they can tie any unexplained facet of society into ANCIENT ALIENS. Theres also this horrible and amazing narrator - If humans could not build the pyramids, WHO COULD? Ancient alien scholars (?????) Why cant humans fly? ANCIENT ALIENS removed our wings and gave us arms? When does the next iphone come out? Ancient Alien Scholars theorize it will be this summer. This is a great drinknggame show. Every time you see that tanned guy 1 shot, every time theres random narrated questions, take a sip.

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