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Political Debate in 2017

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Monday, January 30, 2017,
Everyone in America is exhausted with politics. Personally, I don't think we are nearing the end of the time when we are going to be hotly debating these things. But I think, as tired as I am, America needed this. People needed to relearn the art of being able to debate and disagree with each other, rather than to walk on eggshells and be polite all the time. American's also need to learn how to have their ideas challenged, and not be coddled all the time.

Also, I often hear people say that yo...

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Islam and Refugees

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Monday, January 30, 2017,
In the 1970's Lebanon let in huge numbers of "Palestinian refugees". At this time, even Christians in Lebanon saw Israel as their enemy.

The Muslims of Lebanon, and those of "Palestine" got together and decided to kill the Christians who had been their friends, neighbors, and coworkers in a Democratic society.

There was one story about a mother and father. Their newborn baby was tied to the mom, and the the dad. The Muslims then pulled the mom and dad apart from each other, forcing them to rip ...

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A Father Attacked for Photo With His Son

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Sunday, January 29, 2017,
An image of a father holding his sick son in the shower is going viral. The father held his son in the shower as vomit and diarrhea came out of his son's body. The mother took a photo, but one person decided to see this as a sexual thing. In Japan, or Finland no one would have thought anything of this.

This used to be seen as normal. In 1957, no one would have thought anything of this. Yet we now live in a world where the "Sexual Revolution" has blurred all lines to the point where a father s...

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My 28th Birthday

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Thursday, January 26, 2017,
Not long ago, I had my 28th birthday. It was January 2nd. My best friend, Caleb said he wanted to throw me a "21st" (i.e. a very good birthday - this is an inside tradition that when our friends turn 21, they get good birthdays that usually don't even involve any alcohol, but perhaps more on that another time.)

So anyway, my 28th birthday rolls around, and I didn't know what to expect. My buddy asks me if I want to get lunch at this Asian restaurant. I felt a bit disappointed. After all, I lov...
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A meme indicting Black Lives Matter, and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Tuesday, January 17, 2017,

A meme indicting Black Lives Matter, and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Also check out my page on BlackLivesMatter.

A meme indicting Black Lives Matter, and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

He puts on his badge and vest everyday and kisses his wife and two small daughters, knowing that he might not come home.

When bullets fly in the inner cities, he runs towards the gunfire, willing to lay down his life for the children of a stranger.

When he sees that Mrs. Brown, the oldest woman in the com...

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A Black Police Officer Condemnds #BlackLivesMatter and A Message to Intervarsity

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Saturday, January 7, 2017,
Black Lives Matter goes around demonizing police, and groups like Intervarsity Christian Fellowship decide to endorse the racist, anti-police bigotry of BLM. I will never forget the Intervarsity speakers (such as Michelle Higgins at Urbana) who get up on stage and demonize police, while making martyres out of criminals like Michael Brown, who died trying to murder a police officer.

I will never forget the Intervarsity staff worker who personally called me a racist for refusing to support the d...

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