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Democrats. Stop calling everyone who disagrees with you "racists"!

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Democrats. Stop calling everyone who disagrees with you "racists"! You just make yourselves sound like children when you do so. Your party fought for slavery, founded the KKK, and pushed for segregation. To this day, Democrats are the ones who oppose school choice, forcing poor black families to send their kids to failing Democrat-run schools.

Learn to be peaceable with other people, stop calling people names, and learn to think and argue with logic, instead of solely with emotion.

Not everyone who disagrees with you is automatically a hateful, xenophobic, racist, bigot. Many of us have studied the issues far more than you have, and don't choose our candidates solely based on the color of their skin, or their gender, but prefer to examine their policies, arguments, and the content of their character.

Not all of our candidates always live up to our ideals, unfortunately.

This election's candidate would not have been my first choice. I would have preferred Ben Carson, or even a very moderate Democrat. But I don't vote for crooked lawyers who demonize 12 year old rape victims, knowing full well they their client is guilty, and fabricating the claim that the 12 year old merely has delusional fantasies about older men.

Don't pretend for one second that you are taking the high road or that any progress is being made with this filth of a human being.

She has done way too much, and only a delusional person can deny her crimes at this point. (Shall we talk about her public admiration of Eugenicists, or the Democratic party's historic ties to said movement?)

So, this November, when the dead rise to vote Democrat, while legitimate citizens make a vote for the Republican candidates, please learn to be civil.

No more nonsense about a non-existent wage gap. (No economist on Earth believes in the Democrat/ Feminist Wage-Gap myth anyway.)

No more screaming "bigot" at Christians who refuse to bake gay wedding cakes, while turning a blind eye towards Christians who are being raped and beheaded by Muslim terrorists.

And please, no more screaming "RACIST!" at the same group of people who started the abolitionist movement, fought for equality for all people, regardless of ethnic background, and continue to fight for school choice so that poor black families can send their kids to decent schools.

Namely, please stop the name-calling with your Christian and Conservative, friends, family, and neighbors, especially while the vast majority of your party turns a blind, lazy eye towards the persecution of Christians, women, and rape victims in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

Thank you very much. And please remember, calling everyone who merely disagrees with you names, puts you on the same level as children, not adults who can rationally exercise the high privilege of selecting the public servants for our great nation.

May God grant this nation repentance, and turning back to Him. May our hearts be softened, and may He forgive the blood of babies, women, and minorities on our hands.