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Islam and Refugees

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Monday, January 30, 2017
In the 1970's Lebanon let in huge numbers of "Palestinian refugees". At this time, even Christians in Lebanon saw Israel as their enemy.

The Muslims of Lebanon, and those of "Palestine" got together and decided to kill the Christians who had been their friends, neighbors, and coworkers in a Democratic society.

There was one story about a mother and father. Their newborn baby was tied to the mom, and the the dad. The Muslims then pulled the mom and dad apart from each other, forcing them to rip their baby in half.

The Christians never saw it coming, and never would have suspected their Muslim friends to do this.

Eventually a few men from a Lebanese town managed to make it to the Israeli border, and ask for help. The Israelis agreed, and rightfully invaded Lebanon. But to this day, the Lebanese people are not free.

Today Europe is being completely invaded by Muslim "refugees" who are raping and murdering the native population, while so many people still try to hold onto political correctness.

This is what we need to keep in mind when we consider our foreign policy, and when we consider who we let into the United States. As Americans and as Christians, we value freedom, but polls from around the world prove that Muslims do not share these values.

How could they? They follow a false prophet who killed poets for criticizing him, practiced pedophilia, and personally murdered hundreds of Jews for not accepting him as a prophet.

Yes, some Christians have done bad things in history, but this is the FOUNDER of the Islamic Faith, which is why this matters.

For those Muslims whom we do let in, we have an unprecedented witnessing opportunity. Former Muslims who come to Christ are usually willing to give everything for their Faith.

But that doesn't mean that we act in a manner that is foolish, by letting in those who will not respect the rights and freedoms that we as Americans value.

The First Amendment does not mean that we have to let invaders and would-be terrorists into our country. In the case is ISIS and the refugee crisis, the solution is to end ISIS, not to ignore them as a "JV team" and stick our heads in the sand, as President Obama did during his time in office.

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