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IVCF and Black Lives Matter update

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Saturday, September 17, 2016
This is a blog written by an IVCF staff worker. I still maintain that it was irresponsible, and it was a betrayal for IVCF to promote an organization that speaks out of both sides of their mouth with regards to violence towards the police. I also maintain that IVCF could have helped the black community, and this behavior is not helpful.

In short, I have not changed my views. It was wrong for IV to do this. This is not a gray area. This is not a matter in which I can "agree to disagree" with other Christians on any more than I could "agree to disagree" about the slaughter of any group of people.

But I still wanted to share the blog from an IVCF staff worker on this issue. I am not endorsing his views one way or another, but I want people to hear what he has to say. As my viewers will know, I always want people to hear as many views as they possibly can, because that's how we learn to tell truth from error.

Perhaps in a later post, I will reply.