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IVCF Leader Justifying Anti-police Violence

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Saturday, August 20, 2016
Just read an article by a guy who works for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship justifying the murder of police officers. (Yes I have direct quotes. Keep reading.)

This guy goes on and on about how black people are targeted by police, and says that every single person who ever says that "Blue Lives Matter" is a racist who doesn't care about black people.

"When you say Blue Lives Matter you’re saying that Black Lives don’t because no one says Blue Lives Matter unless you’re shouting down people fighting against police brutality and abuse of power."
This is the stupidest thing ever written. I say "Blue Lives Matter" because of the chants in the streets to kill police officers. I care about black people, and have taken part in inner city ministry - to my shame, it is not to the extent that I would have liked. This whole: If you don't agree with a person of color, you're a racist business is old hat, and it's a bully tactic that doesn't even work on me anymore.

What I don't appreciate is how the founders of BLM have never once gotten on TV to cry out against the violence against police officers - not one of them, and not one time. I've spent a long time debating members of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and Black Lives Matter supporters, and no one has ever been able to give a single example of Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, or Patrisse Cullors, the three women who started Black Lives Matter ever ONCE getting on TV or on YouTube to say "Yes, there are cases where cops have not behaved properly, but most cops are good people, and it is an injustice, and a betrayal in the highest degree to kill the people who are on the front lines in our community simply because they are wearing a uniform." Never once. If Black Lives Matter were to seek justice, and accountability, rather than violence, I would probably want to come beside them. Yet when BLM is confronted with the issue of black-on-black crime, they maintain that their organization doesn't deal with this - the number one cause of murder in the United States, and BLM doesn't deal with it. Yet their founders openly oppose Capitalism, and the nuclear family, and they also hop on the Global Warming bandwagon. So for Black Lives Matter, the number one cause of murder in the U.S. is not something they deal with, but Marxism and Global Warming are!?!?!?!?!?

Also, we see these Black Lives Matter organizing riots where people chant in the streets "What do we want? Dead cops." They openly call for violence in the streets for anyone to see, but whenever I show video proof of Black Lives Matter calling for the murder of police officers, and video of leaders in BLM refusing to denounce the violence, Black Lives Matter supporters, including members of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship choose to ignore it, and then they accuse me of not understanding what BLM is about.

The best years of my life were spent with my friends in Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, but sadly, it will be a very long time if I ever support Intervarsity ever again.

"And until law enforcement and those in power chant Black Lives Matter and come alongside communities of color to acknowledge the pain, suffering and death there will be more murders. Not because there have to be but because sadly, those on the margins don’t know what else to do." Clearly the author here is justifying the murder of police officers. If you are not willing to chant "Black Lives Matter" and fall in line, then it is your own fault if you get murdered. The irony here is that if communities that predominantly African American were really being targeted by the police, they could easily go to their elected officials, and get a different police force. That's the beauty of living in a Democratic Republic, rather than under a Marxist regime. The author talks about how the people in his community are not animals. The reality is when people are rioting, burning down their own communities, and looting their neighbor's small businesses, I don't care if you are white or black, or purple for that matter, you are acting like an animal. For anyone who wants video proof of a BLM leader refusing to condemn the violence against police, here it is: Here are the articles from the guy working for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship: