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My 28th Birthday

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Thursday, January 26, 2017
Not long ago, I had my 28th birthday. It was January 2nd. My best friend, Caleb said he wanted to throw me a "21st" (i.e. a very good birthday - this is an inside tradition that when our friends turn 21, they get good birthdays that usually don't even involve any alcohol, but perhaps more on that another time.)

So anyway, my 28th birthday rolls around, and I didn't know what to expect. My buddy asks me if I want to get lunch at this Asian restaurant. I felt a bit disappointed. After all, I love the idea of getting lunch with Caleb, but it wasn't what I was hoping for. I wanted to at least have Noah come with us as well.

Then there was an issue where my parents had taken the car to the shop, so I couldn't even go pick up Caleb. He calls Noah, and to my great surprise, Noah picks me up and comes too!

When we get there, my friend Jay, and my close female friend Jocelyn were waiting for us!

It was my first time ever having a surprise birthday party!

Lunch was amazing! We had all sorts of dim sum, including chicken feet with oyster sauce - a delicacy I haven't had in years, pork buns, the really thick shrimp dumplings with maybe two shrimps in each, some sort of plantain cake (?), and fried rice!

Jay had to break off with us after lunch, but the rest of us went to explore an abandoned subway. The subway is filled with graffiti art, and is absolutely amazing!

Then we walked through the city looking at the buildings and the waterfalls, etc.

This was a day where my friends went out of their way to show me how much they appreciate me.

I then ended up hanging out with my friend Ben, who is a photographer. Ben takes my portrait, and I model for a few pictures for his website! I also take a few pictures of him with his camera when he shows me how.

After that, Ben and I get some dinner at the buffet part of the local grocery store. I care not whether my food is healthy, because it is my birthday.

Next I end up going to a Barnes and Noble and looking around, imaging my novel that I am working on finally being on the shelves next to everything else.

After this, I go home, and end up watching Interstellar with my Mom!