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Politfact VS Actual Facts

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Monday, August 7, 2017 Under: Political/ Social

I was recently in a political debate with someone on FaceBook and they said that the claim that the NAZIs used gun control to carry out their evil intentions was false.

They cited this article from PolitiFact:

Now, I knew that Politifact had a tendency towards Leftist bias, but this particular article shows bold-faced dishonesty, and I can prove it.

The irony is that the article ITSELF admits that the NAZIs did just this.

From the very article!!!

The regulations to implement this law, rather than the law itself, did impose new limits on one group: Jews.

On Nov. 11, 1938, the German minister of the interior issued "Regulations Against Jews Possession of Weapons." Not only were Jews forbidden to own guns and ammunition, they couldn’t own "truncheons or stabbing weapons."

In addition to the restrictions, Ellerbrock said the Nazis had already been raiding Jewish homes and seizing weapons.

"The gun policy of the Nazis can hardly be compared to the democratic procedures of gun regulations by law," Ellerbrock told us. "It was a kind of special administrative practice (Sonderrecht), which treated people in different ways according to their political opinion or according to ‘racial identity’ in Nazi terms."    

While I try not to focus too much on politics on GreenSlugg, I just could not let this one go. Ben Carson said that German citizens were disarmed, but PolitiFact construes this with the response that NOT ALL German Citizens were disarmed.

Of course, Dr. Carson never said that ALL German citizens were disarmed, as anyone with logic skills greater than a 4-year-old can see. And the fact remains that the NAZIs used gun control laws as a means of taking power away from the people, just as Democrats do today.

I rate this article from Politifact: Bold-Faced-Lie

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