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Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Sunday, August 29, 2010
    A friend of mine, Stevie, recently passed away. He had a motorcycle accident. Death is the enemy of God an the enemy of Man. This is what the Bible teaches. Death is not a good thing that was there in the beginning, it is an intrusion into God's Creation. Because I believe the Bible, and what it says, I know that one day I will see me friend physically resurrected from the dead, and I will be in paradise with him.

    If it were not for this particular friend, I would not be the man I am today. One day at Church I was standing there wondering if the other guys in the youth group really viewed me as being one of them or if I was this outsider who was a burden to them. As I was thinking this, Stevie came over and tackled me. Of course it would seem strange to a genderless being watching this from a third person perspective that we (guys) would consider tackling each other to be affectionate. Of course humanity is spiritually divided into male and female (Genesis 1), and the degenderizing movement is a bunch of Liberal nonsense. But for those of us who live in reality, men tackling each other is often very affectionate. Because of this friend stepping out and tackling me, I started down a path that lead me into the Christian Faith - the Only Faith that can save anyone.

    It seems like this summer has had a lot of people that are close to me loosing loved ones. For those of us who are sanctified in the Lord Jesus Christ, death is only temporary. Since we are members of Christ, we will be both Spiritually and physically raised from the dead. Death will have no power.