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Technological Paradise

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Thursday, February 9, 2017
I had a dream once where I traveled some 7 billion years into the future with a group of people. I remember a pregnant Amy Pond from Doctor Who being one of the people that I traveled with.

This was a future where every technological achievement had been achieved. Everything technological that could be accomplished had been accomplished. There was no disease, and no war. There was no need for war, and there was no scarcity.

The grass, if it could be called grass, was rainbow, with sections that reminded me of a mechanical toy I had as a kid. There was also a small section of a parking garage preserved as a historical monument from the 21st Century, with this "grass" growing around it.

But the people in this future did not know Jesus.

They had everything. There was nothing to be had that they could not have. I did not directly see anything vulgar in the dream, but sex, including homosexual sex, was freely available. Free sex could easily be exchanged with a willing, and consenting sexual partner. There were also no lack of partners. There was an area inside a building where there were people willing to engage: something that I would almost call prostitution, except that this was being done willfully and freely with no need for money, and no fear of disease.

Being a technological utopia, there was no need to work. Everything was readily provided by technology.

The only thing these people had to do in life was to enjoy life, without the need to withhold any desire from themselves.

Yet the fact that these people did not know Jesus made this an incredibly sad world to see. These people could have everything, but what was the point? Without the lover of our souls, even the brightest future was a bleak World. People may have loved each other, but they did not have the ultimate Love that we were created for. Even if a perfect World, without Christ, there was ultimately emptiness.