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The Lack of Post Election Civility

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Friday, November 11, 2016
Guys, ... seriously. You can't talk about "tolerance" while screaming "RACIST" in the face of everyone who disagrees with you.

Those who are gloating in the faces of Democrats ... knock it off.

Those of you who are screaming "racist-bigot-homophobe" at anyone who voted for Donald Trump, or who simply disagrees with your politics, again, please stop, you are only making yourselves look foolish.

With regards to the childish charges of "racism" leveled at Donald Trump, and all non-Liberals:

Islam is a racist, hateful ideology. I've read large portions of the Koran, and that's just what the book teaches, and what Mohammed taught. Does that mean ALL Muslims are bad - no one says it does. There are moderate Muslims who treat other people well in spite of the Koran.

"Well most Muslims are peaceful!" - Polls done around the world have shown that this is not the case, and anyone following what is happening in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, or who has even heard of a little group named ISIS should be able to realize that terrorism is a problem within the Muslim community.

What Donald Trump said was that we need to be able to distinguish between Muslims who want to come here to peaceably be a part of American society and those who want to destroy American society.

Considering the fact that Muslim invaders are raping and pillaging Liberal-tolerant Europe, this is an appropriate measure.

Islam is an ideology, not a race, you cannot be "racist" against an ideology.

As for Mexicans, Donald Trump said bad things - about ILLEGAL immigrants. For someone to view that as "racism" shows a lack in a basic understanding of logic.

With regards to legal Mexican immigrants, Donald Trump had high praise, but the Liberal media completely ignored this.

Are there many, many people who crossed the border illegally who want to be a part of American society? Yes! And Donald Trump, as well as Democrats and Republicans have proposed measures to provide the opportunity for these would-be Americans to stay.

This is a very complicated issue, and one that needs to be approached with wisdom. While we do not all agree on how to approach this issue, it's unfair, and unjustified to accuse anyone who simply has a different view from yours of being a "racist".

But again, illegal immigrant is not a race.

As a Country, we DESPERATELY need to come together now. A house divided against itself cannot stand - as both Jesus, and later, Abraham Lincoln, pointed out.

You can't justify calling yourself a tolerant person while picking on Republicans, Christians, and blaming white men for all of the evils in the world.

Calling yourself "tolerant" while being completely uncivil to anyone who believes differently from you shows that you don't have any understanding of what the word "tolerant" actually means.

I recommend Steven Crowder's article on the Grub Hub CEO calling all Trump supporters who work in his company to resign, saying they have no place in his company: