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The Paris Agreement VS Reality

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Saturday, June 3, 2017
I am seeing people freaking out about the withdrawl from the Paris Agreement. Yet people are ignoring the facts on this issue.

They are ignoring the fact that this agreement would devastate world economies, and the people it would hurt most are the poor. (In fact, knee-jerk environmental regulations often hurt people in poor countries the most.)

It also ignores the fact that due to solar activity, NASA projects a period of temporary Global Cooling over the next 50 years.

It also ignores the amazing innovations being made with new technology, and the impact this is having on market forces. Fracking, for example, has reduced CO2 emissions, yet the Left is usually anti-frack - but if I were to ask people with "No Frack" bumper stickers what fracking is, I am willing to bet they would have no clue.

Also, so many people religiously beleive the stupid nonsense coming from people like Al Gore and Bill Nye. Neither of these intellectually challenged individuals is a scientist, and both of them ignore, and lie about what actual scientists say.

So what can we do? Climate Change Alarmism is a cult. We need to start addressing this as a scientific issue, and stop dismissing scientists who do not agree with Leftists politicians as heretics.

Also, we can do more to fund and support research into alternative energies. Besides using our brains and looking at science critically, support for more research is the very best thing we can do. When I was in college, I did research using algae to make diesel.

Using biofuels as just one example, we have the technology to make an amazing number of biofuels from things like algae and things like corn stalks.

We are currently trying to develope the technology to break cellulose (the "woody" material in plants) down into glucose sugar molecules. Chemically speaking this is a relatively simple process, and we can do this, it just costs money.

Here's the amazing bottom line with biofuels: If we could make the process I just described cheaper, it would completely solve the problem of our dependence on fossil fuels. A handful of farms in Brazille alone could provide enough biofuel to replace all the World's consumption of fossil fuel.

The one caveat is that things like certain plastics etc. would still come from fossil fuels, and that's fine, but the over-dependence we have on fossil fuels would be solved by just a little bit of research.

I am honestly tired of the herd-mentality on the Left, but regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, if we actually want to solve the problems we face in the world today, the best thing we can do is support science and innovation, not bizarre feel-good "agreements" that do nothing but devastate economies and hurt the poor. To learn more, check out these links: Global Warming/Climate Change Alternative Energy and Biofuels

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