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This whole Colin Kaepernick Kaeperfiasco

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Thursday, September 1, 2016
I saw a meme recently on FaceBook saying that people are so upset about the fact that this guy is protesting, but they aren't upset about why he's protesting.

This was part of my response:

This is what I've gathered about his critics. Now I will say that I am not an expert on this topic. Basically I'm not a sports fan. I'd rather watch a Ted talk than a football game. So pardon me if I do injustice to his critics.

No one is arguing that he doesn't have the right to sit in protest. Of course he does. But his critics have asked what he's done to actually help minority communities to escape from the cycle of poverty. With a fortune of over 100 million dollars, he could put hundreds of students through both college and medical school. Or he could donate to give scholarships to minority kids so that they can go to private high schools etc.

Also, he is protesting the killing of black people by the police, when studies show that black suspects are less likely to be shot by the police. 

He seems to be obviously parroting Black Lives Matter, an organization that screams "racism", regardless of the facts. They even scream "racism" when a black cop kills a black suspect - which makes no sense. Not to mention their riots where they scream "What do we want? Dead cops!" or "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon."

Our country is not perfect, but men and women, both black and white have died for the ideal of freedom, an ideal that is represented by the very flag that he protests. Yes we had slavery, but we also had the Civil War, where a lot of people died in large part to free the slaves. We also had a lot of people, both white and black who died for the Civil Rights movement.

We've had a history of oppressing black people in this country, but we've also had a history of those who have fought against that oppression. The flag represents this idea that all men are created equal.

Compare this to countries that still enslave black people (especially Muslim countries) - something that needs to be protested, but which people on the Left conveniently ignore.

There is also an irony of a man who has the freedom to protest claiming that he is living in an oppressive country. In truly oppressive countries, it is illegal to sit during the pledge. (Obviously this doesn't mean that we don't fail these ideals at times, but let's avoid three pages of disclaimers for the sake of time.)

Legally black people have all the rights of a white person. Are there nasty people in this country? Sure! But protesting the flag because there are nasty people in this country who stand for different ideals from what the flag stands for makes no sense.

We live in a country where black people and white people both have equal rights, but there are still some people who hate black people? It makes no sense.

But a lot of black people in this country are upset, and to paraphrase an older black woman who I am friends with, "People are mad, but they don't know why they are mad."

Black people are being oppressed, but the irony is that they are voting for the very people who are oppressing them. Democratic politicians drive businesses out of black communities with over-regulation, driving away jobs in the process. These same politicians oppose school choice - forcing black parents to send their kids to failing schools. Thomas Sowell, a world famous economist, himself an African American has debated this point with Liberals on national television. Sowell argued that black people care about sending their kids to good schools, while the Liberal argued that black people are too uneducated to pick a good school.

So no jobs, and poor education, but the Democrats then turn around and tell black people that they will give them welfare.

The Democratic politicians bleed working families with high taxes, and then turn around and give it back to them in the form of food stamps.

Understand that I am not saying Republicans are perfect, but historically Democrats have promoted slavery and Jim Crow. They were always the party of racism. But now Democratic politicians steal from the pockets of black people with their left hand, while giving part of it back to black people with their right.

The condition of black communities in this country is something that people should protest, but their protest should be coherent. It can't be an Occupy Wallstreet embarrassment where people are protesting cause "bad stuff".

So the bottom line with this particular football player, if I may be pardoned for summarizing the arguments of his critics is this: Kaepernick has the right to protest, but he should put his money where his mouth is.

Thomas Sowell