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Video Games

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Monday, August 9, 2010
What good games are available for Christians?

I think that this is a proper question to ask. I have recently played several video games, and found some to be quite positive and even fruitful. I have also played games in past years that I could not believe were even legal. On one hand, Sim City 3000 was quite interesting and gave me a lot of thinking to do about civil planning, and government. On the other hand I played a Grand Theft Auto game (I had no idea it would be that bad). In Grand Theft Auto you get rewarded if you beat an old lady to death and steal from her. Not a game I recommend. I also played Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, which is based on the Warhammer game. It was a well put together game, however part of this game involved summoning demons out of the "warp" and sending them out to fight against your enemies. I am not even sure I want to know what they mean by "warp". Just so that I am clear, I am not playing that game anymore.

I have also played the Spore game. This game was conceptually an interesting invention, however it got VERY repetitive. It kept on saying that it was a game about "Evolution", however what the game depicted is not Evolution (the game creators really didn't know what they were talking about). Instead the game pretty much depicted Michael Behe's view of Intelligent Design. I may write a review one day reflecting on the Philosophical, Theological, and Scientific thoughts that this game raises, but not today. The game was boring, don't waste your money. The customer service on this game was an absolute joke. The game got very repetitive, and as the upgrades progressed, cheat codes were no longer usable. I highly recommend against this game for anyone who wants to live a life.

Now I am sure that there are games out there that Christians can play and have a good time. For example, I have a game about the Roman Empire, where you conquer neighboring territories, that is supposed to be historically accurate. I have also seen games where you build colonies on other planets, which is something positive.

If anyone has any opinions or recommendations on what games should or should not be played, then let us know. I will be posting some of the opinions that I receive from readers.


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