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Wealth and Success - A Few of My Thoughts

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Sunday, March 12, 2017 Under: Political/ Social
This comic strip appeared in my FaceBook feed today. I half agree with this, and I half disagree. There are people who start out on bottom who end up on top. Even in the Bible, you see slaves and shepherd boys becoming royalty. The Parable of the Talents comes to mind also.

One person might have started with a warehouse full of grain, while another might have started with a only a bag of seed, but with the right stewardship, and with God's favor, that bag of seed might grow to cover dozens of warehouses or more.

It's not about getting rich, and it's not all about what's happened to you. Difficulty can make you a stronger person. It's about seeking the LORD, thanking those who have helped you along the way, and stewarding what you have been given with wisdom.

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