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Will Warp Drive Save Humanity?

Posted by GreenSlugg Muse on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 Under: Critical Thinking
I had an interesting dream the other night (and I seem to have been having a lot of those lately). I think this dream was inspired by me thinking about the movie The Sixth Sense, as well as some other media.

In the dream there was a man who could see the dead, and see into other dimensions. He even had the ability to communicate with people in other dimensions. (Fair warning, dream logic.)

In talking with someone from a parallel timeline he found that people in their world had developed warp technolgy, and had access to this technology for decades. Not only did this make the distance between stars negligible, it also meant that people already had well established colonies in other galaxies. (There were no aliens in this dream. Humanity was free to colonize an empty universe.)

But this did not solve mankind's problems. It merely meant that we spread our problems out into the universe.

I woke up feeling depressed at the thought of people leaving Earth behind, and leaving behind unfinished business with other people. Perhaps relationships had been strained that were meant to be healed, but now would never have the opportunity. The unbridled freedom meant that people could leave behind all of their relationships here on Earth.

Now, obviously this was a dream, and there are some extreme logical flaws with this line of reasoning. For one thing, if humanity had the ability to technology like this, it would give us the tools to solve a lot of our problems. We would have access to natural resources like never before, and people could better their lives by colonizing other worlds.

This would also give humanity the opportunity to seek out resources to improve things like medical technology, and with more space (literally), overcrowded countries like Japan could begin to spread their populations to other planets.

Not to mention the security of having our population spread out. Even if we are not talking extinction-level asteroid, having more planets would make our economies and populations less vulnerable to natural disasters. Perhaps there is a sudden food shortage on Earth, but a surplus on Mars.

But the problems that this would not solve are the problems of the human heart. People would still need Jesus. Our tendency to mistreat our fellow man would not simply go away with distance from Earth. Our passions, and our lusts, along with our tendency towards violence would still be there.

Not to mention a lot of the problems that come with affluence. Even with more natural resources, and the improved lives of having access to warp drive, there would still be a lot of problems left unsolved. For example, suicide is more of a problem in wealthy nations than in impoverished ones (or at least that's what I've heard).

So the main thought is that even with the key to the Universe, technology cannot solve the problem of the human heart. We need Christ to change our hearts, and without Him, there is no hope for the Human Race.

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