* Bible Resources (especially great for those in college, who don’t have time to pull out their Bibles everyday.)

BibleGateway is a place where you can go to read and/or listen to the Bible online in many different translations and in many different languages.

FaithComesByHearing is a place where you can buy Bibles in hundreds of different languages on audio format, or just download them for free. This is perfect for everyone from college students, materials in various languages, and for helping those who serve in the military.


I just found out about a free-domain Bible (this means that anyone can copy any part of it for free), but I do not know how accurate the translation is, because I have not had the chance to read the reviews of it yet. Please Email me with any commentary that you may have on this subject. There are some who think that the translation which we as Christians use is unimportant ... however we are talking about the accurate communication of something that we are betting our very souls on, so accuracy is important. Here is a link to the Bible.



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