Same-sex attraction 

While I must put up the disclaimer that I am not a psychotherapist, if anyone needs help in this area please contact me. Anyone is welcome to send me an Email anytime if they need help with anything, but I especially want to open the invitation to anyone who is dealing with this particular issue either in their lives or in the lives of a friend or loved one. Above all, please pray for your friend or loved one.

For those of you who are serious about wanting to witness to people who are dealing with same-sex attractions, I highly recommend the DVD Homosexuality 101, and the DVD Truth and Tolerance. Far too often I see Christians making devastating mistakes when they talk with someone dealing with same-sex attractions. I often see people use the line "Homosexuality is a sin", however they fail to distinguish between being tempted to sin, and actually committing a sin. Also, I want to be very clear that no one chooses to have these temptations, so the line that "Homosexuality is a Choice" will completely discredit the Gospel in the mind of someone who is having same-sex attractions. The saying "we choose our actions, but we do not choose our attractions" summarizes the problem with saying that "Homosexuality is a sin".

Also see the page on purity, here is a part of it:

"But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh."

-Galatians 5:16

Focus on being in the presence of God, not on "not sinning". Focusing on not sinning and breeding anxiety about "not sinning" just creates the sin of worry, and will make you exhausted. Make provisions so that you can keep yourself pure, but focus mainly on Jesus Christ, and in walking in scripture, prayer, and fellowship with serious believers, and sin will have no room to creep in.



This is a playlist that at the moment has the complete video Homosexuality 101


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