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Anti-Military Meme Response

August 12, 2017

Came across a meme today from some spineless snowflake.

Not everyone is the military is training for combat. Many are training to be medics, and there are also those who use their service in the military to go on to become Doctors.

The primary job of the military is to defend our people, our freedom, and our way of life, and the U.S. Military defends not only the United States, but the whole World. "Killing people" is sometimes necessary to defend innocent lives.

That's why the United States had to get involved in World War II, and in countless other conflicts around the World. Our record may not be spotless, but as my Organic Chemistry professor's Organic Chemistry professor once told him, "The only people who never make mistakes are those who never do anything."

Despite common misconceptions to the contrary, the United States is still the freest nation in the World overall. We have more rights in this nation than any other people, and we have one of the strongest economies in the World. That's why this person can sit around at Starbucks drinking his/her soy-milk latte while making memes on his/her iPhone demeaning people in the military.

But yes, at times, we have to be brave enough to kill terrorists to defend innocent people, including women and children.

If this anti-military bigot doesn't like that, then he, or she, or it, or ze can pack their bags and go live in Iran, Cuba, or North Korea.

As for training doctors, I actually believe that our society needs education reform, but not in the Bernie Sanders, Santa Clause-ish sense of throwing money at the problem. I believe that the best way to reform schools is by implementing more options whereby students can integrate technology in with the learning program. But that's a question that I will be covering in a future video, and beyond the scope of this post.

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Free Short Story Promo

August 11, 2017
My American dark fantasy short story, Dark Swim, is now available for free for the next few days. Please feel free to tell your friends! I am also working on my first novel, as well as several other short stories. My stories will deal with science, faith, apologetics, God, and what it means to be human. My background is in biotechnology, and I once said to my lab partner in a genetic engineering lab "We just created something that has never before existed in the history of the World... The ...

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Politfact VS Actual Facts

August 7, 2017

I was recently in a political debate with someone on FaceBook and they said that the claim that the NAZIs used gun control to carry out their evil intentions was false.

They cited this article from PolitiFact:

Now, I knew that Politifact had a tendency towards Leftist bias, but this particular article shows bold-faced dishonesty, and I can prove it.

The irony is that the article ITSELF ad...
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New Patreon Support

August 1, 2017
If you are interested in supporting I have just set up a Patreon page, and am currently setting up more support options.

Patreon allows users to donate to artists, including donation on a month-by-month basis.

Patreon does charge a 5% fee from each donation. This is actually quite reasonable for smaller donations, however if you are interested in a donation of over $1000, then please contact me, and we can make alternative arrangements!

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My First Short Story FINALLY Published!

July 28, 2017
My first short story is FINALLY here on Amazon!

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The Unbelieving Corpse

July 19, 2017
A human being cannot convince someone to be saved any more than you can convince a corpse to rise up, walk, and live! The corpse cares nothing for steak, and without the Holy Spirit giving grace, a human cares nothing for Truth or goodness.

Even the good seen in unbelievers is only there because God gives them common grace!

What you can do is this. Pray for the person. You can also set a banquet table (offer the Gospel, and truth) and invite those corpses to come and eat. But God has to give th...

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Christian Movies - Our Moral Obligation To Watch Cause It's "Christian"

July 7, 2017
I am going to go out on a limb and say I don't want to watch a movie *just* because it's "Christian". That alone is not enough for me anymore. Sure I'll watch a Christian movie understanding that the budget isn't going to be as big, but I don't want to watch one out of obligation.

The two greatest fantasy writers of all time: Christians

Tons of great music, both modern and classical: Made by Christians

Some of the new emerging indie sci-fi: Christian, without compromising on being a good story!


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Jesus, Economics and Capitalism

June 14, 2017

Jesus, Economics and Capitalism

by G. Shane Morris - guest author

(Edited for republishing by Greg "G.S. Muse" of

A friend of mine on Facebook makes a great point about the phrase "give back." This has become the millennial way of saying "charity." Charity, of course, is wonderful, and a necessary part of a functioning and humane society. Charity should be given out of a posture of thankfulness toward God, Who provides all means and resources, and from an awareness of the profoun...

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The Paris Agreement VS Reality

June 3, 2017
I am seeing people freaking out about the withdrawl from the Paris Agreement. Yet people are ignoring the facts on this issue.

They are ignoring the fact that this agreement would devastate world economies, and the people it would hurt most are the poor. (In fact, knee-jerk environmental regulations often hurt people in poor countries the most.)

It also ignores the fact that due to solar activity, NASA projects a period of temporary Global Cooling over the next 50 years.

It also ignores the ama...

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The Attack on Marriage

May 23, 2017

Kids need a Mom and a Dad. Marriage has been under attack from so many fronts in our country. It started with an attack on the Bible, God's Word. Then we had "free love" men and women having sex with people who are not their spouse. Children being born out of the stability of wedlock - or worse, being killed in the womb. And we now have men "marrying" men and women "marrying" women, and men and women who are confused about what gender they are.

Sex is meant to be between a man and his wife onl...

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