* Abortion (and Stem Cells) Keep in mind that many other religions are very much against abortion, so these resources would be very appreciated as a gift to them. Research what different religions have to say about abortion and stem cell research, and go have coffee with a friend of a different faith from your own who also has reservations about abortion, and discuss your thoughts. This would be a powerful way to build a foundation for a relationship where the other person may one day be open to hearing the gospel from you, and to see how you are different from other people because of Jesus living in you. (Just don't be surprised if the person believes something different from what their religion generally teaches - people are people, not categories.)




(The FALSE idea that a fetus resembles a fish, lizard, etc. and takes awhile to actually become “Human”)


Probably the biggest reason why people find abortion to be acceptable, is the misconception that a baby retraces its evolutionary ancestry during development inside the mother. This comes from one of the largest hoaxes in the history of science, called “Haeckel’s embryo drawings”. These drawings were meant to prove Evolution by showing that human beings go through a “fish” stage, a “salamander” type stage etc. This is where the false idea that humans have gills while in the womb comes from. These fake drawings were actually used in Roe V Wade to prove that a fetus is not a human life.

Interestingly, many Evolutionists now deny that these pictures were ever used to prove Evolution in modern textbooks, but anyone who wants to can open up many textbooks and there they are; clear as day. Others have acknowledged their fraudulence and then gone on to defend their use.





The links below address the lie that human beings go through a "fish", and a "salamander" stage in the human development process while inside the womb. This is based on Haekel's embryo drawings, a hoax that was exposed over a hundred years ago, but still used by evolutionists as evidence for their religion - and as justification to murder a human being before birth.








These two links show photographs of pages in many modern textbooks that use the fraudulent drawings as evidence for Evolution. There is a new trend amongst evolutionists to deny that these pictures were ever used, but here they are clear as day!








Abortion Continued

                          These are some good links to look through after you understand the Evolutionary basis for the Abortion rational.










Morning After Pill - The below article is the truth about the “morning after pill”.









 (Stem Cells)























            The below web site is a good way to help to promote adult stem cells. Adult stem cells are not unethical, and they do not require the destruction of an embryo, unlike embryonic stem cells.





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