I Run To You - Take No Glory - Doctor Who and Donna Noble


 This video can be interpreted in at least two ways; The Doctor can represent Christ, or this can be about a woman who is in hard situations one after another, but is calling out to her LORD (with the "Doctor" being just a friend of hers, and not representing God). Comment on the video on YouTube and tell me what you think.

9 Crimes of River Song


If River Song can trust her Husband this much, then how much can I trust in God? The LORD always has me in His hand, because I hav surrendered to Him.

Doctor Who Playlist - This is a playlist of a lot of the Doctor Who videos that I really like on YouTube. If you do not like one of the videos, you can just skip to the next one.

This is the link to the YouTube playlist, if anyone just wants to pick out a particular video from the playlist to watch.

The Wedding of River Song

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe


5 Billion Years in the future episodes

Season 1 Episode 2 The End of The World 



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