Kids Section

This section is designed for kids of a variety of ages. Much of what is on here is for very young kids, but it is appropriate for enjoyment for people of all ages.

Just some links for people with regards to raising children:

This is a playlist of great videos for kids, and for parents to find resources for their kids.

Superbook (one episode in the New Series) "A Giant Adventure"



Flying House - Complete Series

Three young friends are caught in a rainstorm one day and wander into a strange house with a brilliant scientist. The Scientist has been working on an experiment, a house that can travel through time. The Professor and their children send the ship on it's maiden voyage where they find themselves in ancient Israel in the days of the Roman Empire, and meet a pregnant Jewish woman named Mary...

Join these three friends on their adventures through the times of the Bible, and watch as they witness events in the life of Jesus, the Apostles, and their own lives unfold.

The Greatest Adventure TV Series (not the complete series)

Cartoon Shorts for Kids

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