Creation VS Evolution 

The Basics - Just a few videos and articles to give a basic overview of the Creation VS Evolution controversy.

Scientific Foreknowledge Part 1


Scientific Foreknowledge Part 2

Mathematical Odds on the Origin of Life Part 1

Mathematical Odds on the Origin of Life Part 2

Answer to "Who Created God?"

How Natural Selection Works

Example of a Beneficial Mutation and Natural Selection - Blind Cave Fish

Creation vs Evolution debate on the Michael Coren Show

Laurence Tisdall


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (Full Movie, subtitles in Polish)

Expelled is a documentary that is from the perspective of the Intelligent Design movement, which is separate from the Young Earth Creationist movement, however I did not want to put this movie in the Intelligent Design section.

Scientific Evidence for a Global Flood:

Scientific Evidence for a Young Earth:

Top ten myths of Evolution:

God, and Natural Law:


 Creation vs Evolution 102:

                    After you have a good understanding of the basics of Creation vs Evolution, this is the next step. The rest of this page will show you Creation vs. Evolution in slightly more depth. If you understand what was taught in the above videos and articles, then you should have no problem understanding the rest of this page. The arguments that Creationists should avoid absolutely must be read, but other than that, casually going through the rest of the links on this page should more than prepare someone to answer most of the questions that people have about science and the Bible, as long as that person stays in prayer.

Arguments that Creationists should avoid like the plague!


A basic list of arguments that Creationists should not use. I use this list all the time, and I find it to be very helpful.

    “Dr. Dino” AKA Kent Hovind – Kent Hovind’s ministry tools have been very widely used, but his materials should never be used. Many of his arguments are just flat out wrong, but he will continue to use arguments that are out-of-date and full of logical fallacies, even when Creation Scientists have shown him why they are wrong. Some of these include use of the Paluxy River tracks (which most Creation Geologists do not accept), and claiming that dinosaurs were “just big lizards” – a claim which reveals his own ignorance of skeletal anatomy, and rejecting Natural Selection. At the end of the day, Kent Hovind has done an incredible amount of harm to Creation ministry, and has given Creationists a bad reputation. One of the worst claims that he makes (and there are many to choose from) is that there are no beneficial mutations – this is completely false, as any Creation Biologist can tell you. While the mutations cannot lead to Evolution, there are many examples of beneficial mutations available.


Some of the most common misconceptions that make people believe in Evolution:

 Top ten myths (a good general overview)




     “The Fossil record proves Evolution.” The public has been widely coned into believing that the fossil record proves Evolution. The reality could not be further from the truth. Despite the wild claims that there are multitudes of missing links “proving” Evolution, the reality is that these are only wild, sensationalist claims. Evolutionists have only a handful of weak, disputable examples of what they claim are “missing links”. Darwin predicated that there would be a multitude of missing links found, but his prediction has not been fulfilled. Some Darwinists will claim that there are many examples of “missing links” that have been found, but then they always use the same handful of disputable examples.





                        Carbon Dating/ other “dating methods”

“Science has proven that the Earth/ Universe is
BILLIONS of years old”: The reality of the matter is that most of the evidence is ignored. The vast majority of dating methods show that the Earth is young, not old.




                          "Evolution has been proven with science" (Common Misconception)




“Similarities prove common ancestry” This is one of the most used arguments for Evolution. The argument completely falls apart when anyone asks certain basic questions though (see Proverbs 18:17). The similarities point much more strongly to a common Creator than to a common ancestor. After all, there are many similarities between a car and a speed boat, but no one argues that the two evolved by a naturalistic mechanism from a common ancestor with no help of any intelligent designer.



     “Humans have a 98% similarity in their DNA with Chimps.” People make the similarity claims all the time. There are similar claims that humans and fruit flies have a 95% similarity. But basically… no, the similarity is not that high at all. Even if it was, then that would not prove Evolution (see the section on “Similarities prove common ancestry”)





“People have Gills inside the womb, and also a tail. There is a fish stage, a salamander stage, and a monkey stage.”

      These claims are based on imagination and fraud more than any actual facts. The reality of the matter is that human beings never have gills, or anything like gills inside the womb. The structures that are referred to as “gill slits” have an important role in human development, but they are NOT gills. This whole notion is based a series of drawings from the 1860’s that is well known to be a hoax, and considered to be one of the biggest hoaxes in the history of science, but the hoax is still taught as fact in schools, despite the fact that it is well-known to be a fraud. (see more under area of this tool on abortion.)



“Examples of Evolution can be observed happening today.”(common misconception) Often people will confuse natural selection, mutation, or speciation with Evolution.









“Examples of Evolution can be observed happening today.”(common misconception) Often people will confuse natural selection, mutation, or speciation with Evolution.



 These videos put together do a good job explaining the 

difference between Evolution and Natural Selection.

How Natural Selection Works:


Example of A Beneficial Mutation and Natural Selection - Blind Cave Fish



 * Intelligent Design documentaries

 My favorite movies are available online to watch (legally)for free, right here.

Unlocking the Mystery of Life (Complete Movie)


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