This section is for those who are taking a general biochmistry class.

General Biochemistry Playlist

Please enjoy this playlist for general Biochemistry classes. You can scroll through these videos at your leisure. If you are having trouble browsing through the playlist blow, please click here or copy/paste this url

(See also, my links below my playlist.)


General Links:

          Khan Academy - a web site with video "mini-lectures" that anyone can view for free.

                                                                I highly recommend QuickStudy, it has gotten me through a lot. It is basically a set of charts to help you in whatever subject you are doing. I have used it with languages, General Chemistry, and I am about to order it for Organic Chemistry.    

Click here for an excellent metabolic pathways chart
(Unfortunately I do not have a link for the back of the chart.) I am still searching for a website that gives interactive explanations with a similar digital chart for biology students.

Hard copies are available for purchase here. 

Here is a Glycolysis Pathway chart from Wikipedia. Obviously, you have to be careful using Wiki sites, but this looks pretty accurate. Steps 1, 3, and 10 are regulated, and step 3 is the key step that is regulated.



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