Just as there is a page for the women on this site, there is a page for the men. This page is here to address what men think about, and to affirm the roles that God has given to us as men. Women were never intended to be men, and unfortunately our society has bought into the lie that men and women are only different in their reproductive organs, but this is simply false. Men were designed for so much more than to pass along sperm and die. The masculine that God has created is good. Men can do certain things that women cannot do.

This is a playlist of videos for the men. Enough said, now go and watch it. 



Samson - a sermon series by Life Church on being a Godly man

Male Body Image - It may not be talked about, but men can struggle with body image just as much as women can. Despite working out, and eating right (see my healthy living section) as men, no matter how good looking we are, or how lacking we made feel, we need to still come to peace within ourselves that we are Created in the image of God. We aren't made to be sexual objects. We are His masterpiece, and He isn't done with us yet. Think of the perfect man, the man who seeks after God, that man doesn't necessarily have the ideal body. Be that man.




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