About Us

In Short:

Green Slugg started out as an Email that I sent to my Youth Pastor to give him some ideas on how Creation could be used to witness to people in a broader scheme than just in the area of the Creation/Evolution debate.

The ultimate goal that I have here is that you will find creative,  ways to witness to people with (agape) love, gentleness, and respect.

In Detail:

    I created this web site to help minister to people using Creation-based ministry. Most Christians do not realize that you can do more with Creation than just disprove Evolution. I designed this web site as a reference tool where there are various situations that I commonly find people in and then there are links to a few articles that I found online that can be used to minister to people in these particular situations.

     One example is where I write "Anyone who is into mechanics, cars, or motors. [...]" That means that the links below the text have articles that would be good to give to someone who has an interest in machines. It does not matter if they are a born-again Bible-believing Jesus-freak or if they are an atheist. The article should have an impact on the person. There is also a section with articles about women’s rights. These articles would be good to give to any women who work for female equality. If you explain to them that this article promotes female equality, then they should be very interested. The only twist is that you need to read the article before you give it to them, so that you know what you are giving them. Each situation is very unique, and each Christian must take the time to judge and assess whether or not the articles that I recommended are appropriate for the particular situation.

     Not all of the links directly relate to Creation-science. For example, there are links that are specifically meant for people who are interested in rap music. There are articles for people who are struggling with same-sex attractions and articles for life-issues in general. This tool is not exclusively about using Creation to minister, even though that is the central theme, because there are other areas of importance that are often neglected. Creation is one of our great ministering tools [Romans 1:20], just like music or Christian movies, but most Christians don’t know how to use Creation to minister. This tool is designed as a solution to that problem.

            Now some readers might get scared and think that I want them to read through every article that I link here, but don’t worry, that is not the case. Let me give an example of how to use this tool. I know people who like to program computers, so I can go to the section called * Computer Programming. Underneath that, is an article that relates computer programming to genetics. Someone who is a computer programmer would probably appreciate this article, because it relates to them and their interests. Once they see how genetics relates to computer programming, then they have a factual basis to believe in God; this can strengthen the faith of the Christian, but also lead the non-Christian one step closer to Christ. I highly recommend that if anyone finds someone in any of these situations, that they at least take a look at each of the links below the article before choosing which articles to use in witnessing. This is so that the Christian may be educated in the particular area.

            Most importantly, pray, read your Bible, and make sure you are always filled with God’s love to pour out on others, because without that love, we are nothing.


   After a lot of meditation on the subject, I thought it would be appropriate to add a link about death and suffering. Of course quotes are misconceptions that a lot of people have. Where I write * "Hitler was a Christian." I am noting a lie that many non-Christians use to attack Christianity. The articles below show that Hitler was not a Christian, and that the Bible does not condone such acts of evil.

            I cannot stress this enough; READ what you are going to hand to a person before handing it to them. Also, not everything in this ministry tool is the best thing for everyone in the given situations. For example, the article about violence in the Koran is probably not the best thing to give to a Muslim that is only your acquaintance, instead the tract that argues that Jesus is God, using the Koran would probably be better.

            This is just a basic guide and is by no means perfect. Pray before you do anything.

            There is a new section specifically for Christians in college, whether they be Christian or secular colleges. There is also a new section for people who have a hard time finding time to read the Bible.


            I hope that everyone enjoys this, and send me any feedback that you have! GreenSlugg@gmail.com