Witnessing Videos - Page 3 These are more edifying videos than witnessing videos, but the biggest surprise that I have received from this web site is that unbelievers love what I put on here. I think that this will be edifying to many unbelievers. C.H. Spurgeon was part of one of the largest revivals in history.


A radical Change - C.H. Spurgeon

Confession of Sin - A Sermon With Seven Texts by C.H. Spurgeon



Altogether Lovely playlist - A playlist of videos that are good to edify the believer's heart, and to melt and soften the heart of the sinner. This includes the "Altogether Lovely" clip from the C.H. Spurgeon Sermon


Why Are Men Saved? - C.H. Spurgeon


Secret Sins

Spurgeon's Lectures to My Students - Our Public Prayer (Part 1)


Vanz Reads Psalm 91




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