* Jews; God’s Chosen People

Unfortunately many people within the Jewish community think that all followers of Jesus hate them. As it turns out, there has been much anti-Semitism by many who call themselves “Christians” throughout the centuries. Unfortunately many believe that it is impossible to be both followers of Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) and Jewish at the same time. This is ironic since without the Jewish background, Christianity does not exist. In fact, the earliest followers of Christ debated whether or not someone could be both a Gentile and a follower of Jesus at the same time. This is why when we read the New Testament, there is so much strife between the earliest followers about whether or not one must be physically circumcised, as a follower of Christ. It is important for those who are followers of Christ to show publically that they support the Jewish state of Israel. Since this is something very near-and-dear to my heart, this will probably eventually be the longest part of this ministry tool. Please note that it may be important to look around in this ministry tool, since any one of the situations in here could very well apply to a Jewish person, just like any one of them might apply to an Italian, Japanese or a Navajo person. Don’t limit yourself to just this one section.


Great articles to give to Jewish loved ones (scroll down): I have given articles like this to many Jewish friends. They always love them, and have never been alienated by them. Articles from legitimate Creation Science ministries (such as AnswersinGenesis and ICR) are in general a good way to build relationships with Jewish loved ones. They are generally non-threatening. I was talking to a young Jewish man one time about the Bible, and he said that he had a hard time believing the Bible to be true. I pulled out a copy of a tract that talked about the Bible and Astronomy. I explained how the God of Abraham compared the number of stars in the heavens to the number of grains of sand on a beach. Conversely, everyone else would think that there were only a few thousand stars in the universe up until the time of Galileo. He gratefully took the tract. There is no need to be “sneaky”. The young man knew I was a Christian, and that my literature was Christian, but did not hesitate to take the tract from me.

Israel Playlist - A playlist meant to teach people the basics of the conflict in the holy land.

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God was not vague when He prophesied that there would be a Messiah. He gave a very exact time and date, and location where the Messiah would be born. He also said that He would be born of a virgin.