Ministry Videos

– these are especially good to consider for unsaved loved ones. While these are not necessarily “Creation” videos, they are included here because they are exceptionally good when it comes to proclaiming the name of Jesus – which is the ultimate goal here.

I also have a YouTube page that anyone is welcome to check out, and a Page 2 of this section.



      Brian Head Welch Testimony (guy from Korn band)




             A Students Unspoken Plea





          Shocking Youth Message

A must hear for every Christian in the world.


Woman at The Well









Amena Brown You




Does God Exist?




Sacrifice: What would you give your life for?



A Man Fell In A Hole

      This video really shows the difference between Christ and "Religion".




You can also watch God of Wonders (my favorite video) in the Online Store section for free. There are also various videos in all of the other sections of this web site, including the Creation vs Evolution page.



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