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In this section you can find the tools that you need to witness to people with various special interests. I also including some of the more common objections to Christianity.

(At the moment most of the links are to just one site, however that is changing very fast, and any recommendations are always appreciated.)

If you do not find what you are looking for here (especially with regards to objections), then please check out AnswersinGenesis.org, ICR.org, or Gospel.com, or just send me an Email at greenslugg@gmail.com  :)

 * "Religion has caused more war, pain, death and suffering than any other factor in history - Thus we should all be atheists." (common misconception)

Unfortunately this is an area where people have a strong emotionally-based conviction. A mechanic receiving the article on motors would be excited to receive it, but someone receiving any of these articles will probably claim that it is a bunch of lies. Each Christian should use their best judgment on which article here to use, but even if the atheist spits at them, the Christian must still do what Jesus would do. Still, a Muslim may love to receive this, because they are often accused of being the most violent of peoples.





article: Countering Christophobia (click here)

Click here to continue reading about "Religion", War, and Suffering


* "Hitler was a Christian." (Common Misconception)

In Recent years there have been those who have tried to re-write history to claim that the atrocities of the Holocaust were done in the name of Christianity. This is the equivalent of denying the Holocaust, and has absolutely no basis in reality. This is a bold-faced lie that I have called people out on. In reality Hitler was very much opposed to Christianity, and regarded it as one of the great evils of the world (ironic that he saw no problem with genocide or mass murder). The reason for the Holocaust (according to the Nazis of WWII Germany themselves) was the desire to breed the Superman. Based on Darwin's writings, the Nazis thought that certain people in the world were inferior to others on the Evolutionary scale. Since there is no God, they thought, and human beings are no more valuable than pond scum, there was nothing immoral about inflicting pain on others, nothing immoral about trying to breed human beings, and nothing wrong with exterminating the competitors of the German, Arian race. Read the words of the Nazis if you do not believe me. Anyway, if Darwin was right, and Evolution is true, then we must ask on what basis we condemn the atrocities of the Holocaust in the first place. If Darwinism is true, then human life has no sacred value. If evolution is true, then why is trying to breed the perfect man wrong? If God looked upon the Death, Disease and Suffering that He created (according to Theistic Evolutionists) then why would we call Death, Disease, and Suffering wrong?

The Bible says not to murder and that murder is evil. The Bible says to love the Jewish people. The Bible says that Jesus was a Jew! (along with most of the early Church). The Bible says that man (including adult males, women, and children) are created in the image of God Himself, not an accident of some pond scum! There is absolutely no basis in the Bible to commit the Holocaust.

Darwin, on the other hand, says to eliminate the competition.


















* “If God is so good, then why does his Creation include death and suffering?” This is an area where A LOT of discernment will be needed. People dealing with the loss of a loved one will generally need Love, not a lecture. Still there is an appropriate and necessary time to provide the answers in this area. I was watching a television show where a little girl asked her Christian parents why God doesn’t just eliminate death. The little girl’s parents didn’t know the answer and basically told the little girl that there must be some greater good for God to have created death. It then dawned on me how important it is for the answer to this question to be made available. It should also be remembered that God suffers alongside humankind. He doesn’t just take a footnote of our pain. Yes, there needs to be a lot of love for people who are struggling with this issue, but there is also a need to answer their questions at the appropriate time – not just ignore their questions.














* "The Crusades were unjustified attacks by the Church on peaceful people."

(common misconception)

While there were many atrocities that happened during the Crusades that were evil, the Crusades, like any historic event, were very complex and need to be understood in the context of history.











  * "The Bible is unscientific. It claims that the Earth is flat and in the center of the universe. (Literal) belief in the Bible has held science back." (Common Misconception)

It is commonly taught in public schools that Christians used to believe that the Earth was flat. The truth is that Christians have NEVER widely believed in a flat Earth, and the Bible teaches that the Earth is a sphere! It is also conveniently ignored in public schools, and in the secular media, that it was Christians who lead the way in the creation of modern science, including Astronomy!




(the next two links are on Galileo)














* "Science vs. Religion" "Christians have held science back, and continue to do so." (Common Misconception)

The reality is that nearly all of the founders of modern science were Christians, who believed in a literal Genesis. The reality of the matter is that the Christian belief in a logical, rational Creator bringing about a logical and rational universe was the foundation for modern-science.




* Anyone who is into mechanics, cars, or motors. Anyone who is into engineering or has a parent who is an engineer.


The bacterial flagellum, an outboard motor discovered in one of life's "simplest" organisms:




(The above link is probably the best article for a mechanic.)





An amazing article on an eye that could not possibly have evolved:







* "The Bible teaches that men are superior to women." (Common Misconception)

OR These can work well with any feminists or women who are very into women’s rights etc.

Many people do not realize that the Bible actually teaches that men and women are created with equal value. The diversity that God created within His creation does not equal inferiority, and the Bible never claims that women are inferior to men.

(all the links on this particular topic have been moved to the section entitled simply "Women")


* Anyone who is into statistics/ complex mathematics:






* Gardeners/ botanists (plant scientists)









* Babies - this section is good for anybody who just plain loves babies.




* Expectant mothers/ Christian Nurses (now that we have covered abortion in this Ministry Tool, let’s talk about something positive).






            Much of what was covered in the Abortion and Stem Cells section would be very appropriate to give to expectant mothers. Definitely read through anything before giving it to an expectant mother though, because they probably do not want to think about abortion.



* The Troops

This section is good for helping to support those in the US Military, or any military.




* Circular Reasoning/ Evidence speaks for itself








"Liberal Christians" (Click here)

 There are a lot of people out there who refer to themselves as "liberal Christians". These people are some of the biggest enemies of the Gospel. Often they will deny that the Bible can be taken at face value. Often they will deny that Jesus Christ is the only way into Heaven (see John 3). The newest trend is to deny the absolute infallibility of the Bible, and sometimes to affirm other alleged 'Holy Books' as being on the same level as the Bible. These people are wolves in sheeps clothing, and there is, and should NEVER be, any dancing around this fact in our minds. Even though we should not accept these people as "brothers" or "sisters", because in reality they are not; there is a way to help destroy the deceptions that the Devil has created in their minds.

* Linguistics (see Language Ministry)



* Art













* The Stars










* Environmentalists, Animal Rights activists, etc.


(Yes, the Bible says that animals DO have souls, and that we are to be good stewards of the Earth that God has given to us. Also, Christians were the early pioneers of the animal rights movement.)










* Sci-Fi fans/ Those into studying the paranormal: ghosts, aliens, bigfoot etc.

(click here to go to the GreenSlugg page on the Paranormal)


* Dinosaur Enthusiasts


People who are into dinosaurs and already convinced of Evolution and long ages probably will not care to hear about Biblical Creationism. There is a loop-hole though; The modern media has made billions of dollars bringing dinosaurs back to life in such films as the Jurassic Park series, and the Walking With Dinosaurs documentary series. Dinosaur fans dream about, and would sacrifice an incredible fortune just to see a live dinosaur even for a moment. The idea that dinosaurs existed in recent times should be of great interest to anyone who is a true dinosaur fan. I can hardly imagine a true dinosaur fan passing up the opportunity to read an article that gives evidence that dinosaurs lived in recent times as contemporaries to humans, as long as the evangelist is honest enough to tell their friend where they got the article from (a Biblical Creationist source).

 click here to go to the Dinosaur Enthusiasts page




* Geologists



 It isn't unusual for people who are into Geology to also be into Dinosaurs, so see the dinosaurs section as well. Build a relationship and see what your friend who is a Geology major is into besides Geology. I have found that a lot of Geology majors are also into walks in the woods, and love nature in general (the "God of Wonders" DVD would be perfect for them). They may also be into bugs, or all sorts of things. Geologists are people too, and each one will probably have a variety of things that interest them. Try going to a rock show with them. (By "rock show" I am referring to gems, and fossils, not music - unless they like rock music, and want to take you to a concert.)





* What about The Da Vinci Code?

















* Moral Relativism (there is no absolute moral standard, everyone’s beliefs are equal)









* People who think that they do not matter and that they are just an accident.  This is very common amongst people who do drugs, or pornography, and people who are sexually promiscuous. Homosexuals often have a very negative self-image as well, but showing them the care that went into designing them may show them that they are not garbage, but God’s child. There are even a lot of Christians who think that they do not matter. Of course, these are all areas where people need to be loved on a lot.

* Police Officers/ Other Law Enforcement/ Social Workers/ Health Teachers







* All Christians in general/ anyone who is dealing with long term hurt.


* Non Christians in General (7 Cs of History)

This particular method is being used very successfully in Japan, and many other nations where Christianity is not a traditional religion. Since western nations have nearly lost their Christian foundation, so that all many students know about The Bible is the misconceptions that they are taught in school, this method of ministry has become particularly effective in America. This method gives the whole gospel, starting in Genesis, so that people can understand why Jesus had to die for our sins.







(Best movie ever!)

Please also scroll down to the videos that are presented here in the section entitled "Ministry Videos". They are very powerful, and I only include the best. Also, I have found over the years that non Christians very much like receiving a Bible as a gift (who knew?). You can buy Bibles very cheaply through the GreenSlugg store.


*  “Science Nerds”

            As someone who could easily be considered a “science nerd”, I have a number of tips for ministering to people who are also very interested in science. One of the big problems that I used to have with the idea of Creation is that I viewed it as putting science into a little box, preventing research, and creating a very narrow view of the world – ultimately limiting scientific research. Once I actually started researching, I found out how interesting a lot of the things that Creationists and ID proponents had to say really are. In order for a Creation based ministry to be effective, people need to be interested in what we want them to research. This means that it is very important to understand the person, and know: What do THEY think? What are THEY interested in? This was the basis of my section of this tool on Dinosaurs; People aren’t going to be as interested in hearing the biological problems with dinosaurs turning into birds as they are in evidence that humans co-existed with dinosaurs. Also, it is probably more important that they know that we are listening to them and what they have to say, because this shows that we care about them, and that we are not closed minded people.

            These tips not only apply to “science nerds”, such as myself, but should be applied to all forms of ministry with all groups of people.





            The above link exposes many of the fraudulent “evidences” used to indoctrinate people into believing in Evolution. This should be read by anyone who is serious about using Creation to minister. These are often why people believe in Evolution, and ultimately reject the Gospel. This is also the reason why many Christians try to “fit” Evolution with the Bible.




* Noah’s Flood – This link will take you to the most ingeniously put together resource on flood geology that I have ever seen. This is going to be my number one link that I send to my friends who are Geology majors.






Some other good links on this topic:








Powerful Tracts

There are only a select few tracts out there that I actually recommend to people, and here some of them are:








* Life challenges (including abuse, abortion, coping with death and grief, money) -







* College

Basically, this is some stuff for Christians who are going off to college, are in college, or know someone who is going to college.








I think that the above article should be read by all Christian college students, not because of its’ apologetic value, but based on the fact that it was a real encouragement to me.







The number one resource that I recommend purchasing for students going off to college, after a good study Bible and a good audio Bible (see next section), so that they are not overwhelmed with reading:




* Bible Resources (especially great for those in college, who don’t have time to pull out their Bibles everyday.)







* For questions regarding Dinosaurs, Creation, Evolution, Death and Suffering, The Big Bang etc. the following resources should be able to provide the answers. The articles on these sites are written and/or checked by scientists with earned PhDs from accredited universities.








* Creation (General) just basically anything that would not fit into another category.


Free magazine subscription












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