Jerry Coyne Page 2 - A video series responding to some of the arguments against Creation, against Intelligent Design, and against Christianity, that Jerry Coyne uses.

This page is just a list of the individual videos that I wanted to post as a response to Jerry Coyne's objections to Creation and to the Christian Faith.

Please See the original Jerry Coyne Page for the context of this page. 

(Alleged) Whale Leg Discovery - Initial Thoughts and Conclusion


Natural Selection and Creation VS Evolution - A Response to Jerry Coyne



Stupid Design? The Prostate, Eye, Spine - A Response to Jerry Coyne

Answers to Common Objections to Noah's Ark - A video that I made after Jerry Coyne mentioned me in a blog on his site and I was inundated with objections in my comments boxes.


Diatoms and Natural Selection - A Response to Jerry Coyne


Biogeography and Creation - A Response to Jerry Coyne


Further reading:

Is Considering Intelligence Anti-Science?


Creation VS Evolution - Hear Both Sides (Proverbs 18:17)


Alleged Human Yolk Sac Creation VS Evolution - This video is in response to the argument that humans have an alleged yolk sac that is a useless leftover product of Evolution.


Unlocking The Mystery of Life - Intelligent Design Video


The Encounter - Full Film


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