Creation vs Evolution - A debate as old as mankind himself

This is a revamped Creation VS Evolution educational tool. Feel free to scroll through to learn about scientists who argue for Creation, scientists that argue for Evolution, and scientists who argue for Intelligent Design - and what the differences are between each of these three viewpoints - a topic that will be explained in-depth as this section develops.

You can still access the old Creation VS Evolution page for this site. This new format for the Creation VS Evolution section will be a lot more user- friendly (there is no intention to delete the old page. Just click on creation-vs-evolution old.)


Unlocking The Mystery of Life - (Intelligent Design) Full Movie

A documentary pretty much explaining Intelligent Design, the origin of the movement, and the scientists who advocate it.

Unlocking The Mystery of Life - Intelligent Design Documentary from Ministerio Vuelta a La Vida on Vimeo.


A Question of Origins (For multiple language options click here)

An older documentary that summarizes the Creation vs Evolution controversy. This documentary is a classic and a must-see for anyone interested in the Creation vs Evolution controversy.

Noah's Flood


The Creation Orchard - A basic video explaining the "Creation Orchard". I apologize if the video is a little bit dull. I was trying to put something together quickly. Unfortunately I probably did this video a little bit too quickly. I plan to make videos that are a little more lively in the future.


Expelled No Intelligence Allowed - Super Trailer (Intelligent Design)


Expelled No Intelligence Allowed - Full Documentary (Intelligent Design)

Expelled No Intelligence Allowed is a provocative documentary that exposes the persecution against scientists who do not agree with Darwinism, particularly those who argue for Intelligent Design. (Multiple uploads are included in this playlist in the event that one gets deleted.) Also available to stream on Netflix.


Icons of Evolution  (Intelligent Design) - Complete Documentary playlist with extras, and lectures

Icons of Evolution based on the book with the same title by Biologist, Jonathan Wells, exposes many of the misleading, and often scientifically false "evidences" that are often used to prove Darwinian Evolution to high school and college biology students. Although there is no debate that many of these evidences are misleading and often completely false, many high school and college biology textbooks still contain these errors.


Does similarity prove common ancestry? (Some Creation Science, some Intelligent Design)

Also do humans go through a "fish stage", a "monkey stage", etc. in the womb?

Both questions are included in this playlist

Dinosaurs - A playlist with dinosaur videos.


Fossil Record - A playlist of videos talking about Creation, Evolution, Intelligent Design, and the fossil record.

(This playlist is still very much under-construction. Some of the videos are still under review, but are available to watch in this playlist.)



The Priviledged Planet (Complete Movie)

Scientists discuss the amazing aspects of our solar system that has lead them to believe that Earth-like planets and complex life are extremely rare in the Universe. As a result some of the scientists have come to conclusion that the existence of planets like Earth can be no accident.


Creation Astronomy Playlist - A playlist of videos on topics relating to Creation and Astronomy.

Creation vs Evolution debate on the Michael Coren Show - Laurence Tisdall

A scientist arguing for Evolution and a Scientist arguing for Creation Debate on the Michael Coren Show



What is a Day in Genesis?

Creation Science Shorts and Extras

Some short Creation and Intelligent Design Videos in a playlist. 

Intelligent Design Shorts and Extras



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