* Music


            The top link is to a playlist that I put together on YouTube. Music had a major influence in bringing me to Christ. Being loved on was more important, but music played a large role also.




If you would like to give away free music to others for the purpose of spreading the good news, Take No Glory produces some absolutely amazing music. You can download music free from their web site: http://www.takenoglory.com/

There are a lot of really good music videos on Tangle.com



There are some pretty good articles on Music and Creation. The person that you give these to has the option of getting mad at them, but they will be there in their minds.





(one mini-article)

Hazakim is one of the most amazing bands that I have ever seen. They are able to create good rap music (which itself is amazing), but they combine this with lyrics that are apologetically powerful. Hazakim is a band that uses a lot of apologetics music, but unlike any other apologetical music I have ever heard, it comes together in a beautiful way. Good music, and good apologetics – all rolled into one package!


Jeremy Camp is one of those musicians that I think just about everybody would enjoy. If you want to get some Christian music that is Biblically sound for an unbeliever, but you don't know what they would like, this is the guy for you.



Kutless played a major role in my salvation story, enough said.


GreenSlugg also has a YouTube page with plenty of videos in the favorites, uploads and playlists. Please take the time to check them out.




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