This is the start of a page on Gene Therapy. I am working on a project for Molecular Genetics class on Gene Therapy, so I am building this page while I do my research.

 Genes Therapy Basics

Gene Therapy 101

Gene Therapy Playlist - As I typically do on, I have made a playlist on the topic of Gene Therapy to help to educate those who are interested in Gene Therapy. Enjoy!

The Long-Term Importance of Gene Therapy

There is substantial evidence that the human genome, rather than improving through "slight-successive modifications" in the form of mutation, followed by natural selection filtering out only the best, is actually breaking down with natural selection unable to keep up. Most people have probably never heard the term "genetic entropy", but in sum the genes of every higher organism on the planet are breaking down. This has been known for years, and is now being measured (see below for more information).

With regards to humans, it has been shown in the 1000 human genome project that each generation accumulates about 60 mutations, with the net change being a slight deterioration. The 60 mutations that accumulate when added up are slightly negative overall, but since there are so many mutations in each generation, and they tend to be only slightly negative, natural selection cannot keep up. There is a child's story that I have heard of, but never read, that there was once a merchant who lost a little bit of money in every sale, but expected to make up for it in volume. This "merchant" has the same dilemma as Neo-Darwinism.

Rather than scoffing (for those who will disagree with these conclusions) look at the data yourself, and try to refute the mathematical calculations, because these are based on measured rates of changes in DNA. Just click the link below.

New Genomes Project Data Indicate a Young Human Race

This is a video clip from a lecture by a rather prestigious scientist




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