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I also want to add that I read an answer to a question that someone wrote to you about Dinosaurs. [link not included for GreenSlugg] The response speculated that Dinosaurs were corrupted because the brains were very small, some of the larger pterodactyls would have been "too large to fly" and that some of the dinosaurs would have required that their weight be held up by water. I would disagree with the idea that the brains would have been too small to function. Remember that most animals actually have a very small brain. A quick Google search tells me that Alligators have a brain the size of a lima bean - much smaller than the walnut sized brains of some dinosaurs. Yet Alligators actually survive very well in the wild. Many times I hear Evolutionists making the mistake of saying that they do not understand why God would have designed something one way, and they think that is evidence of "stupid design" however they are invariably proven wrong in their assumptions - we Christians should not make the same mistake. In my own field of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology there have been many claims made that the majority of our DNA is "junk" however we are rapidly finding functions every day for the so-called "junk DNA". It is important that we remember that the original Creation was "very good" even though we do not always understand God's designs. 

On that note I want to point out that we humans have very tiny brains of our own, and just like the animals that we steward do not always understand why we do seemingly cruel things to them, we with our limited small brains do not always understand what the Creator is doing for us.



P.S. Many animals have been corrupted by the Fall, and I do have a response for the assumption that many of the Pterodactyls would have been too large to fly etc., however I decided that I wanted to stick to my main point that we see God's goodness. Also I did not want to bore you.

God's Answer for Weariness  - Joyce Meyer


Psalm 56:4

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

In God, whose word I praise,

In God I have put my trust;

I shall not be afraid.

What can mere [a]man do to me?


It's Friday... But Sunday's a Comin