This section of the web site is about dinosaurs. This section is devoted both to helping people to understand how dinosaurs fit into a Biblical Worldview, and also, to help Christians to use this particular topic to bring others to Christ.

How Dinosaurs fit into the Bible

Most people do not realize that dinosaurs are actually found in the Bible. Dinosaurs themselves are not contrary to the Word of God, the evidence itself does not contradict the Bible, including a Young Earth and Global Flood, but the factual, physical evidence itself does contradict the Evolutionary fairy tales about dinosaurs.

The basic Biblical Creation model of how dinosaurs have existed throughout history is this:

Dinosaurs were created by God on Day 6 of the Creation week, the same day as Adam, the first man.

Dinosaurs and man shared the same world before the flood, and entered into Noah's Ark about 1,600 years after Creation along with all of the other land animals on the planet.

After the Great Flood, dinosaurs left the Ark, but apparently did not re-establish themselves to the numbers that they existed in before the flood.

Dinosaurs at this point in time, are either extinct or are extremely rare. There have been plenty of sightings of living dinosaurs in recent times, so it is likely that dinosaurs are very rare.

The Evidence:

The evidence to support the model presented above is much more compelling than the arguments and evidence put forth by the Evolutionary/Old Earth model. You may be asking yourself "Why then do all scientists agree with the Evolutionary model then?" The answer to this question is that not all scientists agree with the Evolutionary view of life, and not all scientists believe that the Earth is old. There are many scientists who adhere to the Young Earth model, including a recent Creation, and a Global Flood. With regards to the Creation Science model being a minority, and the argument that "They are a minority, therefor they must be wrong." (which is often hinted at by Evolutionary proponents) I put forth this question "If only one side is ever heard, then which side will seem right?" If only one side is ever heard on any issue, whether it be Global Warming, Gay Marriage, or anything else, then you can tell me which side will seem right.

There is plenty of evidence that Dinosaurs and humans have existed together, instead of being separated by tens of millions of years. While the fact that Dinosaurs and humans living together does not disprove Evolution or millions of years by itself, the weight of the evidence from various sources for Creation far outweighs the zealous excuses  made by Evolutionists for why they believe what they do. Both sides must be heard to reach fair and accurate conclusions.

For other information of Creation and Evolution, besides just Dinosaurs, please see the Creation vs Evolution section of this web site.



Dinosaur Enthusiasts


People who are into dinosaurs and already convinced of Evolution and long ages probably will not care to hear about Biblical Creationism. There is a loop-hole though; The modern media has made billions of dollars bringing dinosaurs back to life in such films as the Jurassic Park series, and the Walking With Dinosaurs documentary series. Dinosaur fans dream about, and would sacrifice an incredible fortune just to see a live dinosaur even for a moment. The idea that dinosaurs existed in recent times should be of great interest to anyone who is a true dinosaur fan. I can hardly imagine a true dinosaur fan passing up the opportunity to read an article that gives evidence that dinosaurs lived in recent times as contemporaries to humans, as long as the evangelist is honest enough to tell their friend where they got the article from (a Biblical Creationist source).,4423,285.aspx



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