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This section is great for anyone who is interested in the unknown. When I was younger (and still today) I had a fascination with anything paranormal (except ghosts, because they were scary to me). This page is pretty self-explanatory, so I encourage you to just have fun and read through everything that is put up on aliens, demons, ghosts, bigfoot, yeti, Atlantis etc.


 UFOs the Hidden Truth: This is the best documentary on UFOs and Aliens that I have ever seen, Christian or otherwise. Please watch it, but understand that it is also the scariest movie that I have ever seen.

One person on Netflix had this to say about the movie:

"Wow Ive been researching Aliens/UFOS for a long time and this "demon" theory keeps coming up. I am not religious but the evidence that I have come across keeps pointing towards that these "aliens" are coming from another dimension and not from out of space. The top UFO scientists in the 90's Dr. Allan Hynek and Dr. Jacques F. Vallee also concluded that Aliens are demonic, and they are NOT religious. Something to think about."


UFOs Playlist


Great articles for Sci-Fi fans/ Those into studying the paranormal: ghosts, aliens, bigfoot etc.

Here are some good articles on things that are not necessarily related to the paranormal. This is a good place to open a door to witnessing to those who are interested in the paranormal and unknown. I also recommend checking out the Creation/Evolution section of this web site, because those who are interested in aliens, UFOs, and the unknown are often very interested in hearing about evidence that the universe was created, and in hearing about the scientific evidence for a global flood. Pray before you do anything, but these articles are good for witnessing, and I would very much recommend giving these out at a UFO convention, and would expect a positive response.

 Great Fungus Article

Sylvan Symphony

Giant Meat-Eating Plant Discovered (secular article)

Giant Meat-Eating Plant Discovered (Christian article)

Did Atlantis Really Exist?

Are Green Slugs The Ultimate Created Mosaic? (an article on a slug that can do photosynthesis like a plant)


Alien Playlist:

Below is a playlist of videos meant to help educate Christians on the so-called "Alien Visitors"

I am not sure if I agree with everything in every video on here, but I am striving for quality control to ensure that the videos here are at least reasonable to watch.

Main Alien Categories:

Greys - The typical humanoid alien that people claim to be abducted by. They are usually gray in color, but not always, and have large, black, almond shaped eyes.

Nordics - Very human in appearance (they are supposedly humans from other planets if I am not mistaken). They almost always seem benevolent and come billions of miles to Earth to preach new age philosophy (as do many other aliens).

Reptilians - There are various reptilian races that people are supposed to be abducted by, including one that is from Earth originally and is actually a highly evolved dinosaur that left this Earth about 70 million years ago. There are also reptilian races that practice black magic and are from another dimension. This is a very diverse group of alien races.

Insectoids - There are various insect-like aliens that people claim to be abducted by.

Here is a playlist describing the various alien species that are supposedly out there in greater detail. Notice that there are common themes. There is a very elegant series of themes that all abductees seem to agree upon. That implies that there is a great deal of intelligence behind this deception. Either aliens are who they claim to be, or they are demons from the Kingdom of Hell. There is no mistaking them for mere delusions that people are creating in their own heads.

The UFO Alien Deception - A video on the UFO/ Alien phenomenon. Please note that I have only watched a few minutes of this documentary, but I was very impressed, and did not want to loose this. If you think this documentary does not belong on GreenSLugg, please let me know. 

Let this be a reminder of why we need Jesus.



Paranormal 2 Playlist - A general paranormal Playlist

Messages from Heaven - A Documentary critically analyzing the claims of an apparition that has been appearing globally claiming to be the blessed virgin Mary. Great movie to watch even for enjoyment. 


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