General Biology

Some resources to help first-year college students through their freshmen-biology classes. Unfortunately first-year students generally do not know how to study. These videos are meant to supplement your classroom lecture, and textbook reading, not to replace them. If desired, I can potentially make a video on how to properly study for a college-level biology class.

(Also check out my Creation VS Evolution pages. Obviously these lectures are from mainstream biology classes.)


General Biology Playlist 

I started this playlist when I took AP Bio and have been adapting it since that time. These videos are meant to reinforce what you've learned in your lectures and especially to help you to visualize processes that go on inside the cell.


AP Biology Video Essentials


Khan Academy Playlist for General Biology


UC Berkely - Biology 1A and 1B are published on YouTube. I assume that this is a full year. Later years are available as well, however the lectures in these playlists were labelled with the subject of the lecture, not just the date.




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